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Dashing Through Dicken

The City of Ann Arbor has a LOT of parks, so we've broken them up into convenient groups! For this badge, you'll be in the DICKEN area! 

In order to get this BADGE, you'll have to visit some of the beautiful Dicken sites and find the main sign for each park! Your codes will all be based off the sign itself or the nearby surrounding area!

Some of these are neighborhood parks with little to no parking. Please be respectful of the neighbors of these parks, and PLEASE be safe and aware of traffic when seeking out these park signs! You've got all summer to find these, so no rush!

Below are the SPECTACULAR places this badge will lead you to with the links to the city pages for each park in alphabetical order, and here's a map to help you find each sign. Use this map to know EXACTLY where each sign is! Street addresses and google maps can be misleading! Plan your own route and be careful!

Churchill Downs Park  

Cranbrook Park  

Dicken Park 

Dicken Woods Nature Area 

Hansen Nature Area  

Landsdowne Park 

Las Vegas Park 

Lawton Park 

Meadowbrook Park 

Mushroom Park 

Ward Park 

Waymarket Park 

Can't make it to these places or has construction season foiled all your park exploring plans?? No worries! Contact us for a handy guide to get your CODES! 

Want to see where we'll be leading you in the Park Explorer series this summer? Here's a map of ALL the locations from ALL the badges! 


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I did this whole badge using Google Maps (and some good guesswork for Ward Park).
Perhaps others would like to try doing this, too.

For Las Vegas Park the clue indicates the first line of text on the sign, but it's actually both lines.

A lot of the city parks have more than one sign, so it's possible there is more than one sign at this park too! If you go to the sign indicated on the map above, it is the first line of text only! If other players find the same sign you did, I'm sure this note will be helpful though! Thanks for letting us know and thank you for playing! :)


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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