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Celebrate Juneteenth

What is better than HISTORY!? The answer, dear game player, is LOCAL HISTORY! Join us in an epic journey through our Community Collections as we explore histories of Black and African American Communities in Ann Arbor with this BADGE SERIES. What BETTER WAY to start out than with a badge about a HOLIDAY that happens to be the same day THIS badge is released? June 19th could only mean one thing -- it is JUNETEENTH!

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If you're on a big screen, the search bar across the top of the page has search: and then a for: drop down which is what you should set to photos. If you're on a small screen, you'll see "All formats" under the search field when you tap in the search field to enter your search terms. Does that help? Be sure to choose "Community Collections" first from the search dropdown to have Photos in the format dropdown.


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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