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You may not be able to find the Library Tent on Ingalls Mall on Summer Festival Sundays this summer, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing fun to do! AADL and A2SF are teaming up to bring you a bunch of fun (and safe) experiences this summer, continuing with this Story Walk through Downtown Ann Arbor!

“Spare Key” by Emilio Rodriguez is about a doctoral student at the U-M named Javier who is taking his long-distance boyfriend Gabriel on walking tour of their favorite places in Ann Arbor. Gabriel lives in Columbus, and is about to take a job in New York City, so Javier takes this opportunity to creatively ask Gabriel to take his spare key and move here to be with him.

This Story Walk will be released at on June 26th. Find the Story Walk on their website to find the code that earns this badge!

BUT DON'T STOP THERE! Once you've found this Story Walks, GO DO IT! Using the free ECHOES Interactive Audio Walks app for iPhone / iPad or Android devices, you can find a BONUS CODE in each of the Music Walks! (you can also find the code at )

So, stay tuned to AADL and A2SF all summer long, and TAKE A HIKE with the Ann Arbor Summer Festival!

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