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Badge Drop #3: Find Your PARK!

Fri, 06/26/2020 - 12:00pm by nicole

WOOD you look at the time? It's halfway through FRIDAY! Let's drop some badges.

This week we ask you to lumber through badges on SWEETS, CREEKS, and HIDE-AND-SEEK! Root for the home team with badges about baseball! And make sure to leaf room for MUSKOXEN, REBEL BIRDS, and STORMWATER SMARTS! 

When you've had your chlorophyll of online badges and tree puns, you can branch out and see some ACTUAL TREES with our NEW PARK EXPLORER BADGES!

These are badges of ADVENTURE! Badges of DARING! Badges that need sunscreen and bug spray and bathroom breaks and a BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF MAPS AND DIRECTIONS!

EXPLORE any or ALL of a dozen outdoor quests that will send you from PARK to PARK across the city, so you can see the sights and avoid the CROWDS! 

So...which tree should you bark up first?? We'll leaf that up to YOU!

Thanks for playing!

Badge Drop #3

Rebels Without Ca-CawsSweet Tsunami A Hit CreekOK BaumerDawn Til MuskDiscover the Dirty ThirtiesReady or NotLet's Get This GingerbreadTourist TrapsI Don't Care if I Never Get BackCommunity ChroniclesUMMA Spells A-R-TRain GardenRain BarrelStorm DrainHear Me a StoryBird Hills BlastBryant-Pattengill BoundBurns BounceDashing Through DickenDiscovering DowntownExploring EberwhiteFar North Freewheelin'Hiking HuronManchester MeanderingMitchell MigrationNavigating NorthsideWildwood Wandering


A2 has a "Visit every park" challenge this summer with 2 featured parks per week with an activity challenge at each. You could do that along with the AADL parks badges.

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