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Are You Kitten Me?

This week's wacky history is about a WWII black and white cat with WAY MORE than 9 lives!

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Usually we wouldn't be entering names of Nazi anythings in a badge. Perhaps a different clue would be nice for the 2nd one? I do appreciate that you didn't call this time period by anything other than "1933-1945," but still.

I can't get the second to last code. I keep searching, but Google isn't being very reliable.

Try looking at the Wikipedia page for Unsinkable Sam! The country is mentioned in the "HMS Ark Royal" section. I hope that helps! Let us know if you still have trouble! Thanks for playing! :)

I searched for Ark Royal but it gave me a code for another badge. I checked all the others but it didn't show any more codes. Can I have some help?

Hi! I think you may be looking for the wrong ship for the third clue! The ship you want to search the catalog for starts with a C! Let us know if you still have problems! :)


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