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Know Kerrytown Pt 1

Last week, we chronicled our way through the Community Center's past and present! This week, we're headed to Kerrytown, where the Community Center was ALSO located! Kerrytown was historically a hub for Black and African American communities, both socially and economically. In FACT, there's SO MUCH history that we had to do a TWO PART badge series. This Map Tour shows some of the important locations you will get to know in Kerrytown! Let's get those maps out and depart on our virtual tour!

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The caption for the last photo in the Community Collections has named the people in the wrong order. It says "left to right", but they're named right to left.

Wonderful badge. I think "Jonnie" Mae Seeley's name is missing an "H." In the newspaper clippings, her name is consistently Johnnie Mae Seeley.

For some reason, despite finding all 5 codes, I haven't earned the badge and my progress bar shows 4 out of 5. I wish I could include a screenshot since all 5 codes were actually redeemed.

It now says 5/5, 100% but the badge isn't earned and doesn't show up for our 4 players (we do these awesome badges as a family) in our completed badges after refreshing. I'll check back tomorrow, it may take a while to show up.

Sorry about that! That's fallout from our error. The badge will award on each player's next scoring action, whatever that is. So rate an item or write a review or log some reading, any scoring action will trigger a badge check and will award this badge! Sorry for the mixup!


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