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Thor's Well That Ends Well

On the wind-and-wave-ravaged Oregon coast, within a breathtaking forest, there lies a gaping bottomless hole, endlessly gulping down the very ocean itself with a thirst that can NEVER be quenched!!!! Or... something like that. 

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I'm having trouble with the first clue. It doesn't say whether we're supposed to put our guess in as a code, or to search for it in the catalog. I know the structure, and the part of the structure that collapsed, but tried putting in as a code and as a search, and nothing. Help please?

I have the same question. I tried the descriptor as 2 words and as 1. I tried searching in the catalog and entering it as a code. Neither approach worked.

Still can’t find first code, even with these comments. I know what collapsed, tried many descriptors. Still lost. Hint didn’t help.

Stuck on the last clue. I found the name of the cape but anyway I have inputted it, I don’t find a code.

@ramcgarty, just use the name of the Cape without the word "Cape." And thanks @Sara W for the hint on the first clue. Amazing badge; I watched lots of videos of the water in action.


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