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East Meets Wes

In 2007, Wes headed East -- FURTHER than he'd ever filmed before! His last film following the fantastical life of Steve Zissou was filmed around Italy. THIS TIME Anderson and many familiar-to-us cast and crew members headed to India for a film set on a TRAIN! That's right! The train known as The Darjeeling Limited is the backdrop for a heartfelt exploration of travel and brotherly love.

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I've watched this clip a bunch of times. The businessman speaks at 2 different points in the scene; I've tried every combination and just can't get the code . . .

i've entered it both ways, with and without the apostrophe. Still no joy. thatsmytrain - didn't work.

Yay, done! That was a challenging badge, but fun! I never saw this movie, but I've requested it to watch now. Looks like an entertaining movie. Thanks for the challenging badge!


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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