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Champion Trees II

To find codes for the Champion Tree badges, you'll have to search the Ann Arbor Champion Trees map. Each Champion Tree is numbered and given both a common and scientific name. The clues will correspond with a tree's number, its name, its location, or its Champion Tree statistics. As you search the map and database, give the number a click to read all of its stats including name, location, height, circumference, crown spread, and the ways it helps the environment.

Finding the right Champion Tree and opening its profile is the key to finding the game codes. A code may be published in the tree profile or it may be the answer to a question about the Champion Tree.

Nominate your very own Champion Tree this month! Click HERE for more information. All nominations must be ​submitted by July 31, 2020. There won’t be nominations again until 2022, so send in your form as soon as you can!  

Ann Arbor's Champion Tree program identifies and catalogs the largest tree of each specie​s within the city.  The program was created in 1995 to recognize these amazing trees and increase appreciation for the outstanding trees that help make Ann Arbor "Tree Town."


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