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It's good to have a home team to root root root for. Some cities, like Los Angeles and New York City, are lucky enough to have their choice of home teams for which to root root root, a real boon when your team has stopped playing baseball worth watching (I'm looking at you, Tigers). But sometimes even having a home team gets...complicated.

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I am having great trouble finding the last code word. I have tried every way to put in the answer and I am coming up with nothing. I am hoping you can help me with one more clue because I am truly stuck

There were two teams with the same name - an "old" and a "new" team - but the "old" one was the one that moved in 1961. Confusingly, the "new" team also moved and changed its name at a later date, so I'm guessing you're searching for the "new" team's current name, rather than the "old" team's name post-1961.

Stuck on clue 4!
Isn't the answer "D" and "G" - the 2 teams that went to LA and SF?
Have tried reversing the order of names; using "and"; etc.
What's staring me in the face that I'm missing?


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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