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Badge Drop #5: Right to Your Home Codes

Fri, 07/10/2020 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

You, dear players, have taken up RESIDENCE in our minds here at Summer Game Headquarters. We have been DWELLING on ways to assure you that you are ENVIRONMENT to be here! Any thoughts of of Summer Gamers not belonging to the Summer Game doesn't ABODE well by us because you are as much of the Summer Game as we are! So much, in fact, that we are bringing the Summer Game right to your LOCATION!!!...Well...more than it already is... because we're introducing: 

HOME CODES! Bringing codes to you and your neighbors since 2020! 

The way HOME CODES work is simple! You create your VERY OWN PERSONALIZED code by clicking My Player. Then scroll down your My Summer Game page until you see "Player Details". You'll see the words, "Create a Home Code", click that and... well... CREATE A HOME CODE! Your Home Code is 100% created BY you FOR other passerby! You can choose whether or not you want your Home Code displayed on the map of ALL THE HOME CODES (A serious, no puns note: No personal information is given on the map. Just the address linked to the code!) Once your Home Code is created, you can MAKE a sign or PRINT a sign to put in your window! WHAT FUN! 

While you're busy making Home Codes, remember that the Summer Game Shop is opening VERY SOON! 6 PM on July 17th to be exact! 

So go make those Home Codes and thanks for pla-WAIT. 

In all the Home Code excitement, we've forgotten about the BADGES!

As per usual, we have all sorts of FABULOUS, THRILLING, and FUN badges just for you! LOOK!

Badge Drop #5

Aw, Rats!Do the UnsinkableJagged Little ShrillEast Meets WesAnglin' for a PangolinFab '50s!Multipurpose MarblesPeanut Butter Cookie ClutterCave the DayFor the Home TeamKnow Kerrytown Pt 2Champion Trees II


That's all folks, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


We live outside of Ann Arbor (Saline), but play the Summer Games. Is there somewhere else we could share our home code? I don’t know if people would come down here. We have it out by our mailbox anyways. 😊

We live in Pittsfield in Ann Arbor school distruct, but work and shop in Saline all the time. We've played the Summer games in all 3 locations we've lived in the area including Saline! So yes, folks from A2 go through Saline too. 🤓

We are loving the home codes-- what a great idea! We found that, typically, we can't quite read the code from the sidewalk. Not a big deal. But, if people want to print their home code larger (and they have the window real estate for it), we wanted to share that were able to print our home code "poster-sized" across 4 pages (tiled 2 x 2).

To achieve this, you can open the provided home code pdf in Adobe Reader (free download:, then in the print dialog box under Page Sizing & Handling, select Poster and adjust the Tile Scale to fit your desired size. A Tile Scale of 170% was the largest that would fit printed on 4 pages. Then trim the edges as needed and tape the pages together for one BIG code.

Every time I try to put in the home code for the Essex St home I get this error message: The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later. Just thought you’d want to know something might be wonky there.

Follow up: There was a special character in that code's description which was causing the error. That has been fixed. Anyone that was having trouble with that code, please try entering it again.


In case you are headed to Waldenwood, the code does not seem to be displayed anywhere at the address shown on the map.

We created our home code yesterday and it is active on the site (redeemed six times!) but it isn't yet appearing on the map.

Does it take a couple days for the map to be updated with new code locations? Or did I leave something off when I submitted the address?

Hi Sara, right where you made the home code on your player page you'll see it displayed above the scorecards and badge lists. Just click on your code to go to a page that shows how many redemptions your code has had! Thanks for asking!

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