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From that tiny babbling brook in the woods behind your house to the groundwater right below our feet, the water all around us is part of a creekshed that is flowing towards the Huron River. It’s our responsibility to take care of our local creeksheds, from Honey to Traver to Malletss (and more!). You can help by collecting litter near waterways, picking up pet waste, and never dumping toxics on the ground. To learn more about our local creeksheds, complete this badge. Brought to you by the City of Ann Arbor.

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I entered clue 5 code (and received 50 points) but I didn't receive the badge. The problem might be related to the fact that when I put in clue 3's code, clues 4 AND 5 showed up on the badge's page and when I entered clue 4 code, clue 5 didn't pop up on the page saying "40 points..." like normal... Hopefully that makes sense...

After you get the 4th code, the next clue doesn't come up. You have to go back to the badge and refresh to see the clue.

Nothing's coming up for me with the last clue. I had no problems with this badge until then. I get that the last word I should search for is H****, but am I somehow wrong?


★☆☆☆ 1 of out 4 difficulty

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