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It's 11:00 AM on Saturday Morning! You know what that means.... it's time for Ann Arbor's one and only and also best Saturday Morning Kids Variety Show, inexplicably called THE SATURDAY SHOW!

Every episode of the Saturday Show has a game code with clues given in a show segment. Find the 9 game codes from episodes 1 - 9 to earn this badge! And say hi to Otto for us!

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I'm so sorry to bother you but I watched the 2nd video, and tried searching in the browser the hint, but I am not sure what I'm looking for

I absolutely loved doing this badge. I had no idea the Saturday Show existed. I as an adult learned a lot and loved the show.

I don't know how to fond any codes!!! I looked at the hints, but I still can't fond anything. I'm still on clue 1. Actually, I don't know how to find the clues.

The word of the day will lead you to a code that you will need to figure out in the internet browser.

We truly enjoy the Saturday show that past few months. Both adults and kids enjoy it and we are so amazed by the talents the staff at AADL has.

The Saturday show is the best. We look forward to it every week. Thank you AAPL, YOURE ALL THE BEST!

How did you solve the native American history Michigan. I looked into the browser at the catalog and couldn't see any code. IS any other place to look for it? Thanks

Saturday Show codes aren't based on the catalog. Use the clues in the show to figure out what the code is. If you google "one of the most populous and widespread North American native language groups" you'll find the right word.

That's for viewing downloadable items in our catalog. Just limit your search to downloads or follow the Downloads link on the collections page. Click through to the full page of a downloadable item to get points for downloading that item!



★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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