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I can't seem to get clue 3: I find my way to Enya's Watermark with [EDITED BY STAFF] but there's no code. Help!

This one is slightly tricky! The Enya comment is to help guide you toward the name of the river! Search the catalog for the name of the river and your code should be within the first 5 results! Thanks for playing! :)
(NOTE: I've edited your comment to take out the name of the river since that is the right answer! You're so close!)

I can't find code 4. I found a man whose initials are F. S. I looked at everything that came up with that search and didn't see a code.

For the fourth code, I went through EVERY SEARCH RESULT to find the code for [EDITED BY STAFF]! But nothing shows up!! Plz help

You're so close! You're adding an extra letter to the end of Frederick's LAST name. Fix that spelling error and search again! I've edited your comment to avoid spoilers for others :)


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