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Fri, 07/31/2020 - 12:00pm by nicole

It's the very last day in JULY, and it just keeps getting hotter and hotter, players. The month may be almost over, and the summer may have been pretty much cancelled back in March, but we assure you, things are still heating up here in Summer Game Headquarters!

The amount of point-scoring, web-searching, and code-collecting going on has really lit a FIRE under us, so LOOK! Here's some more PIPING HOT BADGES!

This week we've got FOWL play, a SHAME of a game, a journey to the WES (Anderson), plus, a dozen more Web Search badges to entertain the intrepid INDOOR ADVENTURER!

Not to mention, we're dropping our REVIEW MASTER BADGES, for those of you BLAZING through the catalog and leaving useful reviews! Haven't reviewed anything yet? All you have to do is leave 5, 10, or maybe MORE thoughtful reviews in the catalog to earn yourself a brand new Review Master badge!

And DON'T FORGET!! There are only HOURS left in the month of July to place your Summer Game Shop orders and get a special enamel pin ONLY AVAILABLE if you place your order in July! Placing your orders in July will be a BIG help to your Library, so get yours orders in NOW!

Plus, Friday, August 14th will be the LAST day to make a HOME CODE! That's only two weeks left to make your own code for your MAILBOX, WINDOW, or WHEREVER!

Whether you're wandering around hot on the trail of Summer Game codes, burning the midnight oil looking through the catalog, or just sitting very still in front of a fan to keep from melting, REMEMBER that the Summer Game is braving the almost-August heat with you!


Badge Drop #8

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