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If there was, like, EVER a decade where we saw MAJOR TECHNOLOGICAL advances that CHANGED our ENTIRE EXISTENCE, that would be the 90s! The 1990s, that is! Back in the day, this decade brought us the WORLD WIDE WEB and the explosion in popularity of the VIDEO GAME. What's that I hear? It's almost AS IF you cannot EVEN imagine life without the INTERNET or 3-D virtual GAMES? We saw advances in SCIENCE and some pretty SWEET entertainment, too! The good news is, you've survived all the way through the 1980s (badge) without these things. We're ready to get started, so LET'S BOUNCE!

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Problem with last clue. The first name of the author of the article is BARNABY. That is not the name you search for. Use the hint.

I am having trouble with the first clue. I have put in every answer I think is correct and it is not. Could you help me with another clue to help me find the first code word

If you've ever wondered what your very own FAVORITE PUBLIC LIBRARY looked like back in these days, why, WONDER NO MORE!

Lovingly maintained after all these years! This was our website from about 1996-2003. It's SPACEJAMTASTIC!

During that same time period, I was a literacy volunteer at my daughter's kindergarten, Spiritus Sanctus Golfside. One of my duties included borrowing books from AADL for use in the classroom to supplement the small supplies that the school owned. The way the website was set up back then, every time I wanted to request a book, I had to type in my full library card number. I supposed I could have cut and pasted it, but computers were new to me, too. So, from typing it SO many times, I had it memorized. When eventually it wore out, I was sad because I had to get a new number. :-) In the scheme of things, that is okay. LOL. I also remember looking for movies, and there was a question about "DVD" or "VHS"; I often didn't know which to pick. To this day, when I look at the "video" choice, I think, "What a great option!".


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