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Ain't Nothin' but a Found Dog

Dogs get pretty short shrift in Wes Anderson movies: rabies, car crashes, arrows, and even abandonment by pirates are all features in the lives of Anderson's pups. So it was really about time he made a movie where the dogs were the heroes. Now, some pretty ruff stuff still happens to them, but at least the inhabitants of the Isle of Dogs get to be the focus this time.

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I'm stuck on clue 3... I know what the pilot's first name is, but that makes me think of a large general group of things or one specific category... I've tried both with no luck... any hints?

Just a warning for anyone doing the clue about VERY CAREFUL with your search terms if you're using a regular search engine. I recommend temporarily turning safe search on.


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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