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AADL Accepting Bids for Generator Project - Extended

Tue, 08/04/2020 - 10:57am by eli

The Ann Arbor District Library is accepting bids for construction of new 100% back up generator power within the Malletts Creek, Pittsfield and Traverwood Library Branches. A walkthrough, which is mandatory for electrical contractors, will be August 6, 2020. Bids must be submitted to O’Neal Construction by 2:00 p.m. on Thursday August 20, 2020. Contact Matt Olech at O’Neal Construction at (734) 769-0770 for drawings, specifications, walkthrough details, and any additional information.

This bid window has closed.


Hi there, thanks for asking. Our goal for this project is to be able to fully operate the branches without grid power for a week, as that's the circumstance in which our community would need power at the library the most. Unlike residential or small-scale applications, there is no solar tech currently available that can meet those requirements at this latitude with the panel space we would have available, and we'd need to build on to the buildings just to be able to house the batteries. Hopefully by the time we're ready to replace these generators at the end of their useful lives, battery and solar tech will have developed to the point where they are realistic alternatives to grid power for public buildings in Michigan.

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