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The Other Bell Isle

Have you heard the news, or was Isabelle prattling on about her personal TV habits again? AADL has launched an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island and YOU can come visit!

A work in progress, AADL Land features homes inspired by each of AADL's 4 satellite branches, plus a DIY recipe library, AADL shirts, hoodies, and hats, a hedge maze, and of course.... GAME CODES!

There are 5 game codes hidden on AADL Land. If you have a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo Switch Online account, you can visit AADL Land in a Dream and look for the codes!

AADL Land Dream Address: DA-2661-0335-5336

We're also planning some opportunities to come visit AADL Land "in person" after Summer Game is over, so stay tuned for those!

What if you aren't an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Player?

Well, good news! We'll be premiering a VIDEO TOUR of AADL Land to at 6 PM on Sunday, August 23rd (watchable anytime afterwards), so anyone on the ENTIRE INTERNET can see what's going on and find all 5 game codes!

This is a new service we're just starting up that will continue after Summer Game has ended, so stay tuned for more details and we hope to see you there!

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That Secret Lab is so lookalike that it's making me nostalgic! I miss the downtown branch and all its events.

The clue for the Pittsfield branch does not describe the correct location of the code. Thanks for this badge - it was fun to see what you put together!


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