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Where can I get recommendations for new books or movies.. for kids?

Mon, 10/12/2020 - 8:46pm by Staffsteph

Are you struggling to find new media for your kids? Here are a few sites that I like to use to find something new for a kid to read or watch. - Common Sense Media is designed for parents looking for something for their kids to read or watch. It has lists that you can browse based on the age of the child. For example, you could look at their “best books” page and select ‘Tweens (10-12)’ and select “Kids books about France” if your child is interested in France at the moment. Once you find a book (or movie) or if you already had one in mind, you can use Common Sense Media to see if it is the right one for your child. If you go to a books page it will give you a deep dive on the contents of the book such as telling you how much violence and what type is present and what positive messages are offered in that specific book. I think this is a great tool to know what is the right book for your child. - This one is another great one for kids. I use this site primarily for the lists they offer. They have lists of books for all ages from babies to teenagers and a huge variety of topics. Is your child interested in space? Check out their list “Far Out Space Books for Future Astronauts” to get some suggestions on what they can read next. This site also offers activity suggestions for kids and articles about parenting for the grown-ups. 

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