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Disgusting Critters by Elise Gravel

Wed, 09/16/2020 - 11:54am by Staffsteph

The Fly by Elise GravelDo you like bugs and other “Disgusting Critters”? Are you looking to find more information about them in an easy to read book with great illustrations?! Look no further than Elise Gravel’s series called…. “Disgusting Critters”! You can learn about Lice, Flies, Slugs, Spiders, Bats, and more. Each book is loaded with fun illustrations, humor and most importantly actual factual information to help you be more informed about the disgusting critters in our world. Did you know that the female fly can lay more than 100 eggs at one time?! That fact and more are awaiting you in this fun and informative series. 

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