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Badge Drop #12: Good to the LAST DROP!

Fri, 08/28/2020 - 12:00pm by nicole

It's almost UNBELIEVABLE, Summer Gamers! It seems like just yesterday we were kicking off our SG shenanigans, slipping on our flip-flops and looking ahead at a nice, long summertime full of sun, fun, smiling awkwardly at people with our EYES ONLY, and, (of course!) BADGES!

But — YIKES! — those early days FLEW right by as we all got into SUMMER -- reading, watching, listening, or WHATEVER NEBULOUS THING SUMMER MEANT TO YOU!

So now we're at The LAST Badge Drop, with just DAYS left (the rest of today, Saturday, and Sunday until MIDNIGHT) left to EARN POINTS and collect ALL THE BADGES YOU POSSIBLY CAN! 

If you CAUGHT BADGE FEVER long ago, and have been been working away at each series, today's Badge Drop is ESPECIALLY exciting for YOU. WHY, you ask? Because it rewards you for things YOU'VE ALREADY DONE! 

Pretty cool, right? 

So, if you've already visited ALL of the parks, you'll ALREADY have the ARBOR MASTER BADGE! If you've been REELY GOOD at keeping up, you'll have the BEST OF THE WES badge! Likewise, if you've tracked down all the right SPACE-EXPLORING SPECIES, you're a total SPACE CADET! Which is much more exciting than it sounds!! And of course, there are still a few more days to become MASTER OF THE BADGE-I-VERSE and earn some more MASTER BADGES!

Don't worry quite yet about spending all those points you've been wracking up — THE SHOP will remain open until September 7th. All orders will be ready for pickup in late September, but due to REASONS no orders can be filled until then!

Badge Drop #12

Arbor MasterSpace CadetMaster of YoreStream DreamBest of the WesStink KingGreatest of the DecadeGames MasterCookie MunchsterBizarre MasterPitcher PerfectBlack Ann Arbor Achiever

We LOVE bringing Summer Game to our players, and whether you played a little or a LOT, we want to say AS ALWAYS... 



Just a quick clarification: which day does the Summer Game actually end? The above post indicates that it ends on Sunday, but this post says it ends tonight.

Thank you AADL, and thank you to every individual staff person who helped to create the Summer Game!

Thanks to all of you for a much-needed distraction/MacGuffin in this summer of not being allowed to be around people.

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