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VISIONS 2020 Presentation: Harnessing Adversity with Ingrid Ricks


Wednesday October 7, 2020: 9:00am to 9:00pm




Ingrid Ricks, New York Times bestselling author, writing coach, inclusion activist and inspirational speaker asks: Are you harnessing your adversity or is it harnessing you?

Devastated by her sudden inability to see her family’s faces or maneuver the world around her, recently blinded New York Times bestselling memoir author and personal storytelling coach Ingrid Ricks realized she had a choice: she could wallow in her grief, loss, fear and despair, or harness her adversity and channel it into something powerful. In this inspirational, action-provoking talk, Ricks takes audiences on her journey from darkness to light. She shares her struggles and the steps she continues to take to flip her adversity on its head and turn it into an asset. Along with detailing the mindset-changing tools she employs every day, Ricks challenges audiences to take a closer look at the struggles in their own lives and to ensure that they are doing what it takes to turn their adversity into a strength.

This video premieres on AADL.TV. Tune in anytime after 9am on October 7, 2020 to see VISIONS 2020 programming!

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