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The Black Flamingo

Wed, 11/11/2020 - 11:01am by samanthar


Book coverThe Black Flamingo is a YA book written in verse by poet and performer Dean Atta. It’s a queer coming of age story that follows Michael, a teenager living in London who’s half Greek-Cypriot, half Jamaican. Readers follow Michael from a young child who would rather receive a Barbie than a Ninja Turtle for his birthday, to a high schooler sharing his feelings to his crush, to a young adult finding his place on a college campus. Atta’s verse is rich, and expounds the themes of love, identity, and belonging. 


Watch Dean Atta explain the book’s title and read an excerpt here:



"Don't let anyone tell you

that you are half black

and half-white. Half-Cypriot

and half-Jamaican.


You are a full human 

being. It's never as simple 

as being half and half.


You are born in Britain. 

You need to make space 

for what British means."

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