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Blackletter for Halloween!

Fri, 10/23/2020 - 3:20pm by aadlloren

The bold, severe style of Blackletter calligraphy feels right at home on certificates, diplomas, and Halloween greeting cards! Its repetitive upright structure makes it a great starting point for beginning calligraphers and lettering enthusiasts. Also known as Gothic script, Blackletter is formed with a crisp chisel (broad-edged) pen, but you can also try drawing its distinctive letters in pencil.

Watch Loren demonstrate how to write Blackletter on AADL.TV. He uses an inexpensive disposable nylon-tip broad-edge pen.

Try making Blackletter yourself! You can download and print these basic guides to get you started:

You can also find calligraphy books in the AADL catalog.

Write on and be bold!

Blackletter calligraphy in action

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