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Festive Fall Books

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 8:50pm by copelands

Bright pumpkins. Warm apple cider and doughnuts. Falling leaves with beautiful colors. Sweater season. Fall is here! Fall is a time of new beginnings and there’s plenty to celebrate this season. Embrace the beauty and splendor of autumn with these picture books that celebrate all the wonder it brings!

Bella’s Fall Coat: Bella is a little girl who loves fall and wants it to last forever. The coat her grandmother made keeps her warm and cozy and when it becomes too small, Bella can’t part with her favorite item. Told through beautiful illustrations, she ultimately learns how to adapt to the inevitable concept of change.

Wonderfall: Author, illustrator, and Ann Arbor native Michael Hall writes about a tree that is shown throughout the entire fall season, from the end of summer to the first snowfall. People, vehicles, and animals pass by the changing tree; going back to school, celebrating holidays, and preparing for winter. Information is also given on the animals, acorns, and saplings and the process each goes through in preparation for winter.

Hocus Pocus It’s Fall: Magic words such as hocus pocus, alakazam, and abracadabra are interspersed in the text to help kids imagine the wonder of fall. Hayrides, apple pies, and chipmunks gathering acorns for food are shown with foldouts unveiling wonderful scenes.

Leaf Man: With a body made of leaves and acorns for eyes, Leaf Man is a drifting creature on the move during fall. Where does he go? A Leaf Man’s got to go where the wind blows! This is an imaginative book on the process of falling leaves and where they travel in the autumn wind. Realistic leaves are illustrated on die cutter pages throughout.

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