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Natural Hospital Birth by Cynthia Gabriel

Wed, 12/16/2020 - 2:44pm by mrajraspn08

When you're pregnant, there's pressure to create a birth plan. One of the options when creating your plan is whether you want a natural or hospital birth. Not many people stop to consider that they could have both.

Written by a Washtenaw County doula (who I worked with preparing for my own birth), Natural Hospital Birth discusses how to create a birth plan step by step and what issues are important to address when planning a natural hospital birth. There is information on how the birth process works and why it is important to have your needs met, as well as tips on advocating to make sure they are.

What's extra special about this book is that there is no judgment. When it comes to natural vs. medicalized birth, the debate can be heated as to which is best. Gabriel makes the answer clear: Whatever YOU want.

I have two copies of this book—one physical, and one ebook—and both have extensive notes and highlights because there was so much that was helpful and informative and also just good to hear. I recommend this book to anyone from planning a pregnancy to packing their hospital bag.

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