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K-F Employe Killed By Car

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YPSILANTI - A 44-year-old Kaiser-Frazer worker died last night from injuries received when he walked in to the side of a car on US-112, three miles east of here.

The victim was Henry Plonte, of 6440 Denton Rd., Belleville.

Plonte, witnesses said, stepped into the path of the car, traveling in the westbound land of the highway, near the intersection of Denton Rd.

The driver of the car, Richard Underwood, 32, of Garden City, told state police he did not see Plonte until he was about 15 feet in front of the car and walking toward the highway.

'Too Late'

"I could see he was going to cross in front of me," Underwood said, "but it was too late to avoid hitting him."

Police said Plonte was thrown several feet after he was hit by the right fender of Underwood's car.

Brought to Beyer Memorial Hospital here, Plonte died at 8 o'clock, two hours after the accident. Doctors said he suffered a fractured skull and severe internal injuries.

Plonte's body was transferred to the Wayne County Morgue.

Underwood, held temporarily by state police, was released following routine questioning.