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New Art Prints in AADL's Collection

Thu, 12/17/2020 - 1:30pm by audrey

new art prints

It’s been a long year, and we know we can’t be the only ones getting tired of the walls of our homes. Have no fear, the Art Print collection is here to save your interior decorating needs with an infusion of new works to spice up your home. We’re introducing six new artists to the collection, with multiple works for you to check out and take home.

For those that miss our Letterpress Labs or just want a bold splash of color to shake up a room, Amos Kennedy’s prints are a great choice. These letterpress prints feature words to live by, or at least think about, overlaid over bright colors. From Art Lives! to War, Kennedy never loses sight of the final work, so the viewer is treated to a poster that gives the impression of words coalescing out of the chaos of life.  

Anusree Sattaluri perfectly captures the coziness of quiet moments. The focus on the simple details, the small things in life that make a moment special, lend her works a calming, comforting presence. Sattaluri creates worlds you just want to step into for a relaxing day. There's no stress in these works, they're suffused with a delightful sense of warmth and home.

If you’re looking for a reminder of the delights of the natural world, our new additions from Dayna Walton are worth a look. Walton’s works are inspired both by the beauty and the wonderful strangeness of nature. Her works contain an underlying sense of awe of all things, lending bats and fungus a sense of dignity and splendor these creatures aren’t usually afforded. Walton’s work will make you want to take another look at the world outside your front door.

The masterful technique of Sajeev Visweswaran leaps off the paper, creating a delightful feast for eyes. His prints capture the essence of his subjects, from a pineapple to a cat, infusing his work with a sense of life. Visweswaran’s work also narrows in on tiny details of everyday objects, and emit a sense of stillness and peace.

Abstract works are the name of the game for Hannah Burr’s work. Her posters display a range of art pieces constructed around a theme, from the elements to prayers. Burr’s work has a sense of playfulness and joy that make her posters a delight to contemplate.

Consider BreeAnn Veenstra’s prints if you want to add a bit of whimsy to your home. Her works channel fantasy elements to lend everyday scenes a bit of wonder. Veenstra also draws inspiration from the natural world, lending the world around us a hint of the impossible in a way that engages the viewer’s imagination.

We have over 900 art prints available for checkout at AADL. Give your home a bit of zest by taking home a new piece of artwork with your next stack of library materials!


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