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It's Christmas by Corey Strong

Mon, 12/21/2020 - 8:31pm by copelands

It's Christmas by Corey StrongI’ve always enjoyed Corey Strong’s music. His voice is something special: it’s powerful, resonant, and soulful. When he sings, he has a distinct sound that connects with listeners. On the album It’s Christmas, Strong showcases his voice with songs that celebrate the season with joy. He can interpret many styles including pop, Broadway, jazz, and gospel. The album is filled with carols that are spiritual and whimsical, giving a nice balance for all the moods we tend to experience during this time. In one of the album’s highlights, The First Noel, Strong is warm and contemplative against a lush piano. In Oh Holy Night, he’s confident and his voice soars alongside the stirring arrangement. In Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas he sings alongside a jazzy ensemble and the lyrics of this song seem to resonate even more during these challenging times. For those who want something less holiday centered, What a Wonderful World is the perfect choice. Fans of the classic song will enjoy this simple treasure. This album is a perfect soundtrack for whatever mood you’re in this season. Whenever I need to find the holiday spirit, I play It’s Christmas because it gives me joy and I look forward to what Strong will release next. If you’re looking to find the same joy, be sure to give this album a listen.

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