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Games and Puzzles Now Available for Request

Mon, 01/04/2021 - 8:40am by richretyi

games and puzzles

It’s 2021, which means it is time for something completely new! We figured there wasn’t a better moment to introduce GAMES and PUZZLES. We’re adding all sorts of games to the collection from Betrayal at House on the Hill to Ticket to Ride. We’ve got lots of games you’ve heard of and some you haven’t. If you’re looking for a way to spice up game night, we’ve got your back. 

For those looking for a more cooperative, less rules-heavy experience, AADL is also offering jigsaw puzzles. Who doesn’t want more puzzles in their life? With 100, 500, and 1,000 piece puzzles available for checkout, we can meet any sort of puzzling demand, from those looking for a fun, low-key activity to more serious puzzlers who will solve alone, late into the night.

What’s that, you say? You’re a slow puzzler, it takes you days to learn the new rules of a game? That’s maybe the best part of these new additions: we’ll be circulating them for four weeks! That’s right, you’ll have four weeks to find those corner pieces! Four weeks to demonstrate your economic prowess vis a vis sheep trading to your awed family! Four whole weeks to revel in the delight of a new challenge (or more). And once your time is up, you can come back to AADL and start the process all over again.

You can get a head start on placing requests now, and you’ll get to keep them out for one month (plus a renewal)! Just take a look at our Games and Puzzles pages to see what new devious logic challenge you’d like to take on in 2021.


Would you welcome once-used jigsaw puzzles as donations? Or, board and card games? Variously used but with all the parts, of course.

Fantastic addition! May I suggest, given the popularity (based on number of holds) of "Ticket to Ride" that you add "Rails to Sails"? Its a Ticket to Ride expansion set in the Great Lakes--perfect for our location.

Fascinating to me that folks are willing to sign up for a 5-year wait to do a puzzle. :) And I'm not even factoring in the turnaround time.

While the catalog only shows 1 copy per puzzle currently, we have ordered 10 copies of most puzzles, meaning that 60 requests could come close to being filled in 6 months even if everyone keeps it for the full month. Also, the number of requests shown in the catalog counts frozen requests, which once these start moving, I suspect we'll see a lot of, and frozen requests ahead of you in line don't impact your wait time. But thanks for your comment, let us know if you have any questions about this!

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