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Royal French Dukes Drill Team, ca 1980

Royal French Dukes Drill Team, ca 1980 image

The Royal French Dukes, who were a continuation of the French Dukes drill team started by Colonel Ozie Nicholson. 

The photo was taken around 1980 at the Elks Pratt Lodge on Sunset Street. The photo opportunity was to showcase the many trophies achieved during their 4-year tenure. The Royal French Dukes continued the legacy of the French Dukes between the late 70's and early 80's with younger members. The team included Colonel Ozie Nicholson and squad members Robert Kemble, Noah Bond, Earl Edward Hall, Joseph Hall, Charles Slay Jr., Patrick Brooks, Corey Dameron (Not pictured), Tink Dameron (Not pictured), Brian Young (Not pictured), Raymond Parks (Not pictured), and Calvin Bond (Not pictured). The drill team won many awards and trophies, while performing for competitions, the Detroit Lions halftime shows, parades, fairs and other events.

Left to right

First Row: Earl Edward Hall, Robert Kemble
Second row: Patrick Brooks, Charles Slay, James L. Crawford (of the Elks Pratt Lodge), Colonel Ozie Nicholson, Noah Bond, Joseph Hall
Third row: Tony Harbor