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Night at the Library: Westgate

Ever wonder what happens at the Library at Night? Or these days, what happens beyond the vestibule walls? Well, this badge series will take you behind the scenes of all 5 AADL libraries at night to find hidden codes. Maybe some even deeper mysteries will present themselves as the Winter wears on....

To solve this badge, find the game codes hidden in each image. You'll need to look very closely at these images to find the codes, but don't forget to check the hints if you're stuck. Click on the images for a larger version! Then click again to zoom in even more!

Note: Find a word, but it begins with a slash? Sounds like you're ready to join the quest for The Five Portals. The hidden gamecodes have no punctuation!

Westgate Honeycomb at Night. You can just see the words BEECAREFUL under the structure.

Westgate Service Desk at night. You can just make out the words TINYROOMFORRENT in the Fairy House!

Westgate Study Rooms at Night. You can just make out the words FINALLYNOWAITING in the mullions!

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★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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