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Nodes & Codes 2


Not sure where to get started with this one? Look at the instructions in Nodes & Codes 1 and be sure to solve it; that will give you the tools you need to succeed! A little harder this time, but the same idea!

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I'm having trouble with this one. I put the node number on the end, but it takes me to an issue of the paper with many choices, instead of just one item. I have gotten two out of three by using the bold words to search the Community Collections for articles, but can't get the first one. Help?

Yes, I looked up the code for the emoji mentioned in the hint. That number on the end of the node gives me this text/link info:
Ann Arbor News, February 3, 1986
Digitized Photos:
Skis For Sale at the Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor 60th Annual Rummage Sale, February 1986
Digitized Articles:
Network veterans romp in 'Jesse'

I solved the badge, but I have *no* idea how the clues connect to the capitalized words in the hints, so I am confused!


★★★★ 4 of out 4 difficulty

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