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Miller Time

Psst! Over here! Hi!!! I'm so glad you could make it last minute to use this extra ticket! I haven't seen this play, but I definitely know the playwright's other work!

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Your first step with the clue is to Google the phrases in quotes - searching for this long one "Expressed as a translucent glass cube levitating above a multi-hued masonry base" will return a top result with a building named for the person in question. Then search that person's name in AADL's catalog. The code is in an Audiobook Download record, so you can use the filters along the left-hand side of the AADL catalog search results. Under "Format" and then "Audiobooks" you will find a check box alongside "Audiobook Download" and if you chose that and hit "Apply" at the top or bottom of the filter list, your search results will find only those items in the Audiobook Download format. Good luck and thanks for playing!


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