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UMMA Presents: Sultana's Dream

AADL and the University of Michigan Museum of Art are excited to share the Sultana’s Dream Badge, based on a series of twenty-seven prints by artist Chitra Ganesh. Told in the style of a graphic novel, Sultana’s Dream centers on the titular character, who one day travels to the realm of Ladyland. There, she finds a society governed by women who harness the power of the sun, which they use for everything from cooking to piloting flying cars to defending their land from invaders. Ganesh’s artistic vision helps us position ourselves in the world and imagine how it can be better. But be forewarned, this badge will require you to travel to the UMMA Exchange. Follow the clues through Sultana’s Dream and you shall find the codes you seek!

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★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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