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Baby's Favorite Books

Fri, 02/26/2021 - 1:21pm by mrajraspn08

I work at a library and have written a few books, so of course I was reading to my baby from the day he was born! Here's a couple of his favorites:

Goodnight, Gorilla is about a gorilla who sneaks out of the zoo and follows the zookeeper home for bed. I find this book cute as an adult, and when you're reading it for the millionth time in the same day, it's easy to recite from memory while you do something else yourself!

Jane Yolen was one of my favorite authors as a child, and my kid loves her book How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad, which teaches anger management skills early through dinosaur antics. Yolen has several other books along this line that are just as engaging. 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt is a classic for a reason. This story about a family who has to go through a series of obstacles on their hunt for a big bear is chanted along to a rhythm, and my toddler will clap along as I sing it.

And here's a bonus one that I adore: A new picture book titled Unstoppable, about a group of animals who join together to become the ultimate "Unstoppable!" team. Congrabirtle, anyone?

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