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Secret Codes #8

WHEW! You have figured out a LOT of secret messages. This time we are going back to the basics with a real codebook.

Check out the Colorado Code (named for the river) here:

Instead of decoding a message, this time you need to encode one. As an example, if you were going to encode "Battalion headquarters being shelled", you would look at the first section of the codebook ("Encoding" starting on page 3), find "Battalion headquarters" with the corresponding code DMO, then find "Being shelled" with the corresponding code DAR. Both of these are on page 5. Put them together and you get DMODAR.

Notice that there is no key to systematically encode or decode the way there is with a cipher. And remember a code can substitute for single words, phrases, or even whole sentences. No one wants to receive the code DAM (look on the front cover)!

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