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March Monster Madness: Pageant Edition

He's beauty, they're grace, she's MISS MONSTER MADNESS!

That's right, folks! March Monster Madness is back again but this time with a GLAMOROUS TWIST... PAGEANTRY! All of our horrendously fabulous contestants will be competing for the crown, but this time no fighting is involved... Unless you count FIGHTING for our HEARTS!!!!

Each day from March 1 to 10, you, yes YOU, will get to vote on which monster speaks to your very soul. We will crown our 2021 Monster Pageant Winner on March 12 in a LIVE EVENT! So CLICK HERE to see some MONSTER STAT CARDS, fill out your BRACKET, and VOTE EACH DAY!!!!

Confused?? WATCH THIS VIDEO for a full explanation (puns and props included!)

Miss a code? No worries! Codes for past rounds are listed at the bottom of ! 

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Hi. I missed the first code because I didn't know where to look. Could I get it emailed to me? Thanks!

Every time I try to vote on a pair of monsters, it says "Captcha failed." I turned off my ad blocker and reloaded, but that didn't fix it. Help?

An update: I was in Google Chrome when I got the endless "Captcha failed" errors. I switched to Opera and was able to vote. But there may be a problem with Google Chrome and voting. Or maybe it's one of my plug-ins?


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