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Soulful Rhymes: Voices in Black Poetry

Thu, 03/04/2021 - 1:49pm by copelands

February might be over, but we're continuing the celebration of black history and culture. Check out a few recommendations below for some of the best in Black poetry.

Light for the World to See by Kwame Alexander:

Light For the WorldIn this collection of poems, the New York Times bestselling author Kwame Alexander gives readers  a rap session about race. Best known for his youth novels, Alexander writes a book of poetry for adults in Light for the World to See. Inspired by three distinct events, Alexander masterfully writes about the murder of George Floyd, the anti-racism protest of Colin Kaepernick, and the historic election of Barack Obama. Adding to the thought provoking text and galvanizing themes are graphic illustrations that make this title all the more enjoyable to read.



Felon: Poems by Reginald Dewayne Betts

FelonAn NAACP Image Award winning book, Felon tells the story of Betts, an ex-convict who went on to become a writer and Yale Law School graduate. Inspired by his journey of serving nine years in prison following a carjacking incident at the age of sixteen, Betts writes a striking collection of poems that aim to accurately describe the trauma of his experience. He examines the inequalities of the mass incarceration system as a result of racism, classism, and implicit bias. Several of the poems include redacted legal documents from the Civil Rights Corps that were filed to combat the incarceration of people who couldn't afford bail. These documents add a powerful visualization of what the author is trying to convey and allow for an even greater appreciation for the text. Betts is excellent in his way of humanizing the experience of inmates while displaying his innermost thoughts of reflection, remorse, and hope.