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Badge Drop #68: THE LAST SNOW DROP

Fri, 03/12/2021 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

The snow has melted.

Mittens are dry.

Once cozy coats now cause overheating.

Skies are blue.

Birds are singing and waking us up during times that NO ONE should be awake during.

Punxsutawney Phil’s predictions have come to pass.

This all can only mean one thing…

Winter is OVER (maybe not TECHNICALLY but it’s very well on its way out) so we here at WG Headquarters are hanging up our scarves and stepping into the SUNSHINE! BUT we’re not going to leave our dear players empty handed! We have ONE LAST BADGE DROP for you along with the solace in knowing that most WINTER GAME BADGES will be playable through SUMMER 2021!

So chill with KASHI, listen to some TUNES, relax with a CROSSWORD, go on a field TRIP, and WATCH our March Monster Madness Pageant Winner crowned TONIGHT at 7!!!


March Monster Madness: Pageant Edition Kashi's KitchenFriday Five TenChu-se Your Own AdventureCrossword 9


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PLAYING THE WINTER GAME!!!!!! Take some time to breath in that FRESH SPRING AIR and we will see you BACK HERE on JUNE 11 for the launch of SUMMER GAME 2021!!!!

ALSO, if you're desperate for puzzles, and hoping to solve the mystery of the five portals, don't give up hope, and stay tuned to the 5 portals badge page!


Do you mean we needed to keep track of the pages we went to for the portal badge for future use?

Those retro-embeds are where information about portal openings will show up! Watch for an update in the next few weeks about portal openings in April and May. I'll update the badge when the info goes live!

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