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Download at least 1 item from the AADL Catalog! 

This badge will reward automatically when a downloadable catalog item record is opened! No Code required! 

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What am I missing? I downloaded an eBook. Is a code supposed to appear somewhere?

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Yes! Any downloadable item in our online catalog! Make sure you're signed in with your account as well or else the badge won't reward!

Thanks for playing! :)

There isn't a code for this badge to find! If you click on any of our downloadable items in our catalog, the badge should automatically reward when the page for that item opens! Be sure you're signed in too or else it won't reward the badge!

Feel free to reach out at if you continue to have issues and thanks for playing!

How can I filter for downloadable items when I search in the catalog? (I've never done this before!) Is there music or movies or ebooks.... what kinds of materials can I download?

In the catalog's search bar, you can click the dropdown menu to change "All Formats" to "Downloads"! We have music, movies, AND ebooks! I hope that helps! Happy downloading and thanks for playing! :)

What do you mean by "click on any of the downloadable items and you will get the badge"? Because I tried that and it didn't work.

HI there! When you search our catalog's downloadable materials (whether it be books, music, etc) and you select an item and go to its page, this badge should automatically reward! There is no code to find for this badge, but make sure you're signed in otherwise it won't award you the badge!

If you have more problems with this, feel free to contact us here:

Thanks for playing!!! :)


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