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Super Summer Reader

Complete the Summer Reading Game and earn a code worth 2000 points!

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I've read more than 10 things but still don't show the badge on my account - do I have to do something other than enter books read on I read, listened... link?

Hi there! There is one more step for you to earn your badge, but you've done all the main work! After you log your 10th completed item, a code will be revealed on your logging page under "Summer Game Log". Since you've already entered your 10 items, it should be there already. Enter that code and the badge is yours!

Great work and thanks for playing! :)

Thanks. I couldn't find anything called "summer game log" but did find a link on My Summer Game page in Game Point Limits section that did have the code, didn't notice what that page was titled, but the link is now gone and I can't figure out how to go back there... But, got the code! Thanks again.

For this badge, you have to finish 10 things for it to count for your Super Summer Reader badge! You can indicate this by clicking the box "and I finished it!" and it will be added to your Summer Game log :)

I hope that helps! Thanks for playing!

p.s. my badge always showed 0/10 until I got the badge, now it says 1/1 game codes found. Very strange...


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