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Land of Enchantment

There's so much to SEE in the world! So much to DO and EXPERIENCE! HOW TO FIT IT ALL IN? Well, the Summer Game is here to help! In this badge series, you'll get to travel around the world... all while not having to actually LEAVE your house! Pretty cool, huh? Read on to find out where we're going this week!

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What is the pinon thing? I searched it up, and added the s to the second word, but nothing appears...

I am having trouble finding it in the catalog. does anyone know what we are specifically looking for?

This Piñon isn't working out I've searched what it means on 10 different sites and they've all given me different answers and none of them worked in the catalog.

yeah, I used google translate, and it said 'pinion,' 'pine seeds,' and 'pine kernels,' but I saw in the comments that it is 'pine nuts.' The code is in the first link called 'short cuts.'

something went wrong I submitted the 4th answer but it will not show me the last clue

Hi there, you didn't find the right 4th code then, look at the clue again and be sure to look for a code for the Land of Enchantment badge! Thanks for playing!


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