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Water You Saying?

It may or may not be a beautiful day in the neighborhood, but weather or not it's raining cats and dogs, it's definitely gonna be a beautiful day out on the water. Why? Because we're setting sail into a badge series full of idioms and Old News photos AND THIS WEEK the idioms are all about BODIES OF WATER (and things related to them). Find your codes by figuring out the missing word in an idiom and then search for that word in our Community Collections photos to find an Old News image with the code! So water you waiting for?? Let's dive in!

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It looks like you typed in the missing word itself (which happens to be what another player chose for their home code). The codes for this badge are all hidden in photos in the Community Collections. Go up to the top of our website where you see the catalog search box. Click the drop down arrow by "Catalog" to switch it to "community collections," then change the format box to "photos" - THEN search for that missing word to find the photo with the code. Hope that helps and thanks for playing!

Is the code a link in the text under the photo or is it a word or something hidden in the actual photo?

in clue number three, I think I know the word, but where do I find the code? I searched it and tried it in community collections, and even tried just typing it for the code, and I did not find anything.

Still having trouble with this one? The word you need to search in the Community Collections photos starts with a P and is four letters long. Once you search, you'll want to look "ACROSS" the first couple results (and make sure to click on the photo to see the full details). Good luck and thanks for playing!


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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