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SUMMER GAME 2021: It's GO Time!

Fri, 06/11/2021 - 10:00am by ohheyitselle

The sun is SHINING and the humidity is RISING, which can only mean one thing… ROAD WORK HAS STARTED!!!!!! Oh, wait. That’s not right. It means THE SUMMER GAME 2021 IS HERE!!!  

We here at SG Headquarters (briefly known as WG Headquarters) are giving y’all a LOT to do so it’s time to GET GOING!!! You can: 


-GO to each AADL location and collect codes! Each branch has a BIG ‘OL BANNER CODE as well as some BRANCH EXPLORER codes for you to see FROM THE OUTSIDE! WOW. 

-PLAY any or all Points-o-Matic modes! This option is ACTUALLY ENDLESS so CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULES, FOLKS.  

-VISIT the AADL catalog to rate and review some things you like (or don’t like??) WE WANNA KNOW!

-READ books, watch movies, listen to music, or download something cool from the catalog! Log your items for up to 50 points per day!

-WATCH AADL TV to enjoy some socially-distant entertainment, and be on the lookout for ONLINE EVENT codes! ALSO, there’s some BUZZ about OUTDOOR events later in the SUMMER so STAY TUNED! 

-CLEAR your schedule for BADGE DROPS at NOON every FRIDAY of the GAME...STARTING TODAY! We’re back with some CLASSIC-style catalog badges and we heard your GLOWING reviews about Winter Game PUZZLE-style badges so expect NEW ones too!! 

-CHILL out but REVISITING some WINTER GAME BADGES! These COOL badges will be playable ALL summer!!! 

Getting Started Badge Series

On The DownloadGo! BanneramaSuper Summer ReaderPoints-o-Matic-o-RamaTell Us How You Really FeelStar GiverLog Jammer

Don’t forget that in mid-July, the SUMMER GAME PRIZE SHOP will be reopening with ALL NEW PRIZES to spend your points on!!! 

WHEW! That was a LOT. There’s SO much to do this summer so…

Ready? Set?? GO!!!!!!!!!!!!


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