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Food for Thought

If food is your raisin d'être, WE GET IT. What is summer without ALL SORTS of eggsquisite cuisines? Lettuce consider the BOUNTY of fruits, vegetables, and greens from the garden this summer! It's thyme to dig in to another week of IDIOMS and OLD NEWS photos! Remember to search the Community Collections Photos--let's go ketchup with our first clue!

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For the first one, (TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF ____!)
Do we have to search the blank in the catalog or is that our code?
I searched it Community Collections but can't find the code box anywhere! Is the code in the article or where do I find it?

I would love to know if the children in the photos are still living, still in Ann Arbor...

Make sure you search for the plural form of the word. The vegetable you're after LOOKS like a green bean, but it isn't! These can be SNAP or SWEET, but they always come in a pod! Thanks for playing , and let us know if you're still stuck!


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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