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AADL and A2SF are teaming up again this summer to bring you some pop-up park concerts all around town! Check out the A2SF calendar and look for the AADL logo on a Live Here Now show; you'll see our van with a big code sign at those events, you can't miss it! Here are the shows where you'll find us:

  • June 11: Cold Tone Harvest
  • June 13: Chris Canas Band
  • June 16: Garba360
  • June 19: Ki5
  • June 23 & 24: Live Here Now at Fuller Park 
  • June 27: Hannah Baiardi & Friends
  • June 30: Peter Madcat Ruth / C.A.R.MaQuartet
  • July 1: Sean Dobbins
  • July 3: George Bedard and the Kingpins

There's just one code for the series, so stop by and see us, maybe check out a few items from the SUMMER TIME FUN CART, get that 500 point code and earn this 500 point badge! See you ALL OVER TOWN this Summer!


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To save people digging around, after you get to the website, type in AADL. I kept trying to figure out WHERE the concert was, in order to see IF I wanted to attend. Apparently, you have to RSVP first, and then they tell you the location. Today's is already filled. (6/11/2021)

Yep, these are pop up concerts for risk management reasons, so you can't see where they are until you register. (Not that you did this KMLB, but for others...) Please don't register for concerts you don't plan to attend. The attendance is limited so you're taking a spot from someone else. We can say that all of these are happening in City of Ann Arbor Parks if that helps. Sorry for the mystery; these were planned months ago to work with very unknowable levels of COVID precautions. Thanks for your patience; next summer will be back to the just-show-up experience!

Thanks, Eli. The policy makes sense and is quite understandable. Your comment about locations helps a lot! For other readers, there are more in the series, and some are outside of Ann Arbor. But like Eli is saying, all the ones connected with the badge are in Ann Arbor. I accidentally signed up for a wrong (for me) one and will release my spot, so someone else can go. I want to end up with one spot total for now because it seems like spots are very limited.

I thought I was signing up for a concert and instead I signed up for the weird game thing, which is not a thing I would have clicked on otherwise and I'm pretty excited for it, so once again thank you for serendipitous discoveries!

Is there any way I can get the badge without actually attending, I can't drive or get a ride there. :(

Since the Fuller Park concerts were cancelled because of weather, is there a place we can find the code? I didn't hear anything about it during last night's livestream, but I might have missed it!

Only the AADL partner events have the code; the Ark livestream was a ticketed fundraiser. However, we are still hoping to be at Buhr Park Sunday, Bromley Park June 30th, Pilgrim Park on July 1, and the George Bedard Show July 3; if you don't catch us, just for help. Thanks for playing!


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