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Letter Labyrinth Ten

Welcome to Letter Labyrinth! 

Find as many words as you can in this 4x4 grid by connecting letters horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. No skipping around the board. Letters must touch.

- Words must be 3+ letters.

- You may use each letter only once within a word.

- No proper nouns or contractions.

- IMPORTANT NOTE ON ACCEPTED WORDS: This list is intended to have "commonly known" words. This will cause outrage; that is ok. There is one solution list for all players.

To earn your badge, enter the ONE 6-letter word in this grid as your code.

There is ONE 6-letter word, and entering it will earn you this badge.

Check your answers on the Accepted Word List! Spoiler! This list contains ALL the Accepted Words for today's puzzle.

4x4 letter grid

Interested in playing *beyond the badge*?? Here are some more ways to play!

Solo play: Find as many words as you can! The total number of words is provided, see if you can find them all!

Competitive play: Each player finds as many words as they can. Set a time limit, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, ALL DAY? Your choice! When time's up, share your lists and cross off any words that appear on more than one person's list. Total up the score using only the remaining words on each player's list. The player with the most tallies wins!


3 letter words = 1 tally

4 letter words = 2 tallies

5 letter words = 3 tallies

6 letter words = 4 tallies

7 letter words = 5 tallies

8+ letter words = 6 tallies

Happy word searching!

This badge has been awarded to 510 players

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Yes, we are not aware of any illegal ways to play the summer game. There may be ways to play that could bring the disappointment of the SG team upon you, but we assure you that writing a program to solve a badge is not among them. =)

Still thinking about it: I suppose I could have looked at the answer, and hundreds of people did do that, and that's legal. So writing a program seems about the same as looking at the answer key - it's just more work.


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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