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Super Log Jammer

Log 10 days of reading, watching, or listening on your My Player page!

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Hi there! This badge was posted today, but if players have logged before today it counts towards this badge! You must've been working on the Westgate Wanderer badge when this badge dropped. You get points each day of logging an item (under your My Players page, click on "I Read, Listened to, or Watched Something") even after earning the Log Jammer badges! :)

Thanks for logging and thanks for playing!!

Hey, I scored the badge, but it is not displayed as an attained badge.
July 7, 2021, 9:17 am Badge Bonus Earned the Super Log Jammer Badge 100 DELETE

This is the second badge that I have notice this occurring. You might want to write a test script every Friday to test for this situation.

There's a minor typo on the "Log your enjoyment" page. Can you spot the missing letter in the sentence "If you read/listened, add this title to your offical Summer Game log"? :-)

Hi there! These badges track how many days you log, whereas the kids/teens prize book is for finishing 10 items!
You can earn the prize book WHILE you log for this badge though by selecting the box that says "and I finished it" on the logging page. :)


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